Is Stevia First Inc Sweetener the Next Big Penny Stock Profit Maker?

To understand the importance of Stevia First Inc. Sweetener, you must first understand stevia, and the rapidly growing market that exists for this product. Stevia is a South and Central American plant that is used as a sweetener. Stevia works in place of sugar, but is superior in many ways. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, so even a small amount of the sweetener will go a very long way. This product is also superior to sugar because it has no calories and very little impact on blood glucose levels. This makes stevia a powerful alternative for individuals who have diabetes or want to lose weight.

Once you understand how stevia is used, you will see that this product will have a growing market and great potential for profit. As a smart investor, you should invest in this penny stock now before the prices get any higher. Stevia is expected to replace over a quarter of all sweeteners according to the World Health Organization. The market for sweeteners as a whole was $58.3 billion as of 2010. Once stevia gets a strong foothold in this arena, the profit could be substantial for any investor holding shares in stevia-related stocks like Stevia First Inc..

Though there are many different stocks related to stevia products, Stevia First is expected to be the strongest in the market. The goal of Stevia First is to equip local farmers in California to grow this crop.
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This eliminates many of the costs associated with overseas growers, including transportation of the crop. Stevia First has also recruited professionals in the agricultural industry to assist with developing new methods for cultivation of stevia plants as well as new and innovative uses for stevia. This multi-pronged approach will equip them to take full advantage of the potential profit offered by the stevia plant.

The demand for stevia is high and expected to grow. Investing in a stevia-related penny stock is wise while the prices are still low. As an investor, you can see a large profit from the efforts of United States stevia growers as this crop is brought to the US. Shares of Stevia First are by far the smartest purchase. Taking advantage of this investment is an easy choice because the demand for stevia is easy to see. New low-calorie and sugar-free foods enter the market all the time and stevia is poised to be the sweetener of choice for these food products.